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Cardiac Surgical Nursing E-Learning


Cardiac surgery is a relatively young specialty performed on every continent on earth. Due to its nature many perceive it to be a very technical discipline which depends on a large and increasingly multi-disciplinary team working in a coordinated and harmonious manner to get the best patient outcomes and experience. Central to this nexus of interconnecting multi-disciplinary groups is the Cardiac Surgical Nurse who often acts to co-ordinate the patients care at all stages of the patients journey from pre-op clinic visit, hospital admission, and finally through to discharge home.


The hospital experience of the cardiac surgical patient is ‘complicated’ by the fact that all patients will spend some time on a critical care facility post-operatively before they can be ‘stepped down’ to a lower acuity area / ward prior to discharge. Thus, the cardiac surgical nurse must have a good knowledge of ‘general’ critical care as well as specialist skills associate with cardiac surgery. Adult cardiac surgical patients are also often elderly with many comorbidities needing the intervention of many ‘out of hospital support’ services for them and their families. Due to this there is a need to look at the patient in a holistic manner, not only understanding the patients own specific needs but also how to support their relatives during this often emotionally charged and stressful period. Finally, the increasing pace of change means that new technologies and techniques will be constantly being introduced into cardiac surgical care necessitating the cardiac surgical nurse to be a care giver who can be able to help in the critical evaluation and implementation of these advances.


Because of these many factors we have decided to produce an E-Learning course in Cardiac Surgical Nursing. It’s learning objectives are to


  1. Assess, plan, implement and evaluate safe quality nursing care for cardiac surgical patients
  2. Explore the nurse’s role in managing the post-operative cardiac surgical patient


Due to these necessarily broad remits and the large amount of knowledge necessary we have designed it to be modular with aspects covering basic anatomy, physiology, pathology, operative surgery and the various stages of care in the patient journey. Furthermore, to show the global nature of cardiac surgery and reflecting the inputs by many senior nurses the course is written and presented by nurses, PA’s and doctors from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Practically the course is available in a number of ‘flavors’ from the basics giving a 6-hour introduction to the subject all the way up via ‘add-ons’ to a full specialist 24-hour expert summary including practical video demonstrations of specialist cardiac surgical nursing techniques. Throughout the course there are multiple question and answer sessions which allow you to test your knowledge and to use that knowledge in problem solving in real-life clinical scenarios.


Finally we want to ‘broaden the discussion’ by using the E-Learning to build a global community of enthusiastic, evidence-driven, holistic cardiac surgical nurses who will enable us to update the course to ensure that we are able to give the best possible care to our patients before , during and after their cardiac surgery.








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To ensure that cardiac patients receive the best possible care during the worst possible times

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